Modern rewrite of large enterprise solution


A large complex Swedish enterprise software product relied on Java Applet technology for it’s front-end. As the browsers abandoned support for Java Applets, the product faced critical challenge: entire solution turned out to be not portable, jeopardizing multiple man-years of investment. Product managers addressed Visma Lietuva for help in both development capacity and technological competence.

More than just legacy code...

Besides of porting legacy technologies into the latest ones, the team essentially redefined user experience and addd many essential features.

In order to future-proof the investment Visma Lietuva team chose latest technologies and top notch tools to proceed workign with this assignement. Angular.js was chosen for HTML5 Single Page Application frontend, while Web API is now based on Spring stack. The Vilnius team steadily grew from 1 to 20 people, driving ambitious rewrite effort into ultimate success.


The outcome…

At the moment customers greatly appreciate the latest version of the product. Technological capabilities don’t block topline growth anymore, which was the top issue to solve.