Įspūdžiai iš NDC Oslo 2016 konferencijos

NDC Oslo conference

Each year Visma organizes a get-together event for Visma software architects where they can meet, discuss ongoing topics, share knowledge and socialize. As part of this, architects attend NDC Oslo conference to improve their knowledge on the latest technologies. NDC Oslo is an IT conference which is very well organized and has a lot of outstanding speakers.

Conference started with Troy Hunt’s keynote about how rapidly IT evolves and what unpredicted directions it might take. While couple of decades ago software innovation was a matter of IT specialists only – now it impacts everyone. Software security is one of the cases here, more or less recent data breaches from LinkedIn, MySpace or VK affected millions of their users. We, as software developers, are often too busy with technical stuff and forget about social impact that our software can make. And this can lead to interesting consequences :).

In one of the DevOps talks speaker presented his definition of software development: “Delivering quality software to users”. DevOps is one of the topics that challenges software developers to not only focus on “quality software” but also think about the users and delivering software to them. It doesn’t matter if your app is perfect if no one is using it.

There were quite a few good talks both around philosophy and technology of DevOps. Damian Brady from Octopus Deploy was talking about deployment strategies and shared couple of success stories from their customers. There are people in the world who can start killing their production servers in a pub on friday night after 6th pint of beer, just for fun, to watch them come back to life automatically – so keep faith and work on your continuous delivery pipeline 🙂

When it comes to new technologies, ASP.NET Core 1 and AngularJS 2 are things that LOTS of people are waiting for a LONG time.

Speakers from Microsoft did a show-off session about possibilities of new .NET Core: that it’s possible to build your own framework with only the dependencies you need or even hosting a web app inside a winforms app (“why?” is a good question here), sort of like a browser, but without network traffic. There have been a lot of talks and what’s cool out there, and how to be prepared for all the amazing things that will come in the hopefully near future.

Trying to briefly fit so many good talks in short article seems like a difficult task – each of them was inspiring and thought-provoking. It’s best to check them out yourself: https://vimeo.com/channels/1086065/videos