From greatness to excellence with 3000 developers

Visma’s intention with the  acquisition of Raet is not only an  investment in great technology but is also about creating a workforce where 3000 of  the best software developers get together to create future innovation.

“There is no limit to what you’re able to achieve with the right people and the right organization.”

These are the words of CEO in Visma, Øystein Moan. Words that continue to weigh heavily in order to deliver the best services to our customers.

From an already solid organization of developers, together with Raet, the Visma Group will consist of 3000 developers, who have a  continuous strong focus on exciting new technology such as algorithms, optimization, machine learning and AI.

Stronger together – Europe’s leading cloud company

The Visma Group and the Dutch HRM software  company Raet have signed an agreement whereby Visma intends to acquire 100 percent of the shares of Raet.

Raet and the Visma Group combined will become Europe’s leading cloud company in the development of solutions that are critical for small, medium and large business and enterprises,  both private and public.

The Visma Group is currently represented in following markets from the Nordic region to the Netherlands, UK, the Baltics and Ireland. With Raet, the Visma Group will also have presence in Spain, Central and Eastern Europe  and also Latin America.

New markets, new possibilities

In line with the growth strategy and service delivery, Visma is always looking for new talent within development. Also, Visma will enhance the development organization by building a new R&D center in Eastern Europe, leading to even bigger knowledge sharing and employee development across multiple international and distributed teams.  

In other words, new markets leads to new possibilities. Being part of a leading software company that is continuously changing offers great opportunities. “Visma is growing rapidly and is in constant change. Rapid growth and change means that there’s always new opportunities and challenges. If you’re  willing to embrace those challenges, you have lots of opportunities here,” says Director of Technology in Visma Enterprise, Erik Østby.

Visma has a strategic plan of further expansion, and believes that the continuous growth will contribute to an evolving and exciting  work environment. Imagine the possibilities amongst more than 3000 developers and how a strong growth contributes to a challenging and dynamic work environment, where the best minds get together to create future innovation.

According to Østby, this growth provides possibilities that allow you to go in multiple directions within the company.

“If you have a solid understanding of computer science, you can basically build anything on top of that. You can go in many different directions, either become a full stack developer, focus on back-end or front-end, work with data science, machine learning, infrastructure or automation”.  

Thriving on change

Visma has been at the forefront of the digital transformation that our core markets are going through. This trend of making technology work for citizens, governments and business alike is strengthened with this acquisition.

Visma is now Europe’s largest center of excellence for developing  cloud software. Software that now services millions of end-users within Financial Management Systems, Procurement, FinTech, School, Welfare, Retail and Payroll with the Raet acquisition.

The technology that Visma creates provides true benefits for customers and end-users. To continue doing this successfully we need great talent and  to be agile and forward-thinking in our way of working. Only then can we impact how our customers and end-users work and communicate.

Do you want to be a part of Europe’s leading cloud company? Currently we are looking for more than 20 new colleagues to join us 🙂

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