We are hiring .NET Developer for Visma Care project

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Lithuanian and Norwegian engineers jointly develop one of the largest Norway's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions for the health-care sector including nursing, rehabilitation, and care services in municipalities. Solution streamlines work in the nursing and care sector and improves the quality of information processing. The system is well integrated and consists of modern functionalities that interact and exchange information both internally and with 3rd party care tech devices like automatic pill box dispensers, electronic door locks, caring and monitoring sensors, and much more.

Technology stack: .NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, nHibernate, Microsoft ASP.NET MVC (Razor Views, Web API), Microsoft WCF Web Services, Windows Services, Hangfire, Apache Solr search platform, Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, JavaScript MVC, Apache Cordova, EJS.

Looks like something you might be interested in?