We are hiring .NET / Xamarin Developer for Admincontrol Team

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Willing to contribute to delivering a well-designed mobile app that helps to secure the collaboration concerning business-critical information? At Admincontrol, we believe that the future depends on the quality of decisions and we deliver online solutions for efficient and secure management of business-critical information for e.g. boards of directors, management teams, legal and financial companies. In the Nordic region, we are the leading player in our industry, and our software is used by 2/3 of listed companies in Norway. Admincontrol is a growing product with great ambitions for the future!   

Technology stack: Xamarin.Forms (Soon MAUI): Android, iOS, UWP; Grial; Realm; PDFTron; Promon; C# Functional extentions; Github/GithubActions.

Looks like something you might be interested in?