We are hiring Developer/Security Engineer for Visma Online Team

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Visma Online is a platform for services and assets consumed by over 300 000 registered customers and a vital part of important Visma’s products, e.g. eAccounting and Visma Webshop. The platform handles such things as single sign-on, user accounts, customers, authentication/authorization, terms of services management, and many other things. 

Experienced development team members in Lithuania and Sweden have a high degree of influence regarding technology stack and architecture within the team. Team members enjoy the perfect combination of stable and profitable product, as well as R&D, introducing new technologies and exciting side projects.

Technology stack: .NET/ASP.NET, .NET Core/5/6, C#, MS SQL, Angular, TypeScript, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Azure Serverless, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy.

Looks like something you might be interested in?