We are hiring DevOps Engineer for Mercell TendSign Team


TendSign is a leading public procurement solution in all Scandinavian countries. Everything from time schedules, tender documents and digital signatures to tenders credit information check, contract generation and TED (European public procurement) integration - all digital, no paper needed. TendSign is an always-on solution, consisting of a family of subprojects. Therefore, we collaborate a lot, we talk and we change places, to learn about the whole system. Every system update has to be handled so that it won’t interrupt our users work online, even the smallest disruption is taken seriously, so we constantly learn and improve.

Currently, we invite DevOps specialist to help us build out, maintain, and troubleshoot our rapidly expanding infrastructure.

Technology stack: Windows and Linux Servers, Microsoft SQL Server, Teamcity and Octopus Deploy, Kubernetes, Ansible, Elasticsearch, AppDynamics, and Icinga.

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