We are hiring Senior Front-end developer (Payroll project)

Visma has what progressive engineer needs: highly skilled professionals who are passionate about technology, Scandinavian bureaucracy-free work culture, knowledge sharing sessions, “Kudos” respect points program. Our hobby Clubs, pizza parties, team buildings, arcade games and geeky office create that special atmosphere. We value people who influence significant changes and take charge. Visma is a company of discovery, a place where people reveal their talents. Step out of the comfort zone, work with great experts and become one yourself.

  What’s it all about?

  • It's a cloud-based solution made for fast, efficient and professional payroll for organizations valuing their time and resources.

  • We're creating scalable and configurable cloud solution integrated with accounting, bank payment and government authority applications.

  • The solution will be applied in different Nordic countries, including significant tax, language and other administrative differences.
  • A team of experts deal with extremely sensitive organizational data, ensure quality and security of the product, which generates thousands of payslips per month.


ok What should you expect?

  • You'll focus on creating complex technical tasks, working on meta-level of software development. The product itself is a solid domain covering payroll systems of at least 5 different countries.

  • There are plenty of areas to demonstrate your skills: transitioning to Amazon Cloud, multiple application integration, migrating towards micro-services etc.

  • Together with developers and QA you'll take on best continuous delivery and Agile practices.

Looks like something you might be interested in? 

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