We are hiring Full-stack Developer

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We are looking for a senior engineer eager to take over large parts of our product roadmap. As one of our early senior hires, you will have a strong influence on the direction of our product.

Our product is a web-based customer segmentation platform that will support Visma’s marketers, sales, and customer success teams in activating their data. If successful, we will aim to make this product available outside of Visma.

Our frontend is built with Typescript and React, using Apollo GraphQL for managing application state and data.

On the backend, we use Typescript to power an Express/Apollo GraphQL server that interacts with Postgres, Redis, and Kubernetes to manage our database and Python kernels.

Our infrastructure is being built with GCP and Kubernetes, where we use Terraform/Google Deployment Manager and Helm to manage provisioning and deployment.

Technology stack: Typescript, React, Apollo GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, Kubernetes, GCP, Terraform/Google Deployment Manager, Helm.

Looks like something you might be interested in?