We are hiring Full-stack (Java) Developer for InSchool Project

InSchool is the biggest project ever built in Visma. It is an administration system for Norwegian schools which already replaced the majority of current fragmented administration systems and is still expanding its scope through the Norway market. Imagine the system for schools which automates and accelerates daily school routines, like but not limited to complex schedules of timetables, attendances, payrolls, employee management, examinations, attendances, and many more under one distributed system! Sounds like mission impossible? Actually, the Inschool team did that and beyond! 

The product was built to be cloud-based and scalable from the very beginning. The solution is operating on AWS cloud and is based on SaaS delivery model. We have a fully automated delivery pipeline and we do zero-downtime deployments multiple times a day. Also, InSchool is designed for customers first, so it requires a high focus on UX and wowing the customer. We have real-time customer analytics, log aggregation, and we use AppDynamics. Our goal is to keep the system as simple and useful as possible, so we use it for feature justification and trend analysis. On top of that, we are adding machine learning to improve usability.

Technology stack: Microservices architecture, Memcached, Docker (AWS ECS), Java 11, Scala 2, Spring 5 & Spring boot 2, Python3, Play, Akka, AWS S3, MySQL 8 (AWS Aurora), SQL, Spring JPA, SQL, Maven, Gradle, Spock framework (tests), Groovy (tests), Spring integration tests, Vue.js, WebPack, yarn, LaunchDarkly (Feature flags), Graylog, AppDynamics, Grafana.

Looks like something you might be interested in?