We are hiring Senior Java Developer for InSchool project

InSchool is the biggest project ever built in Visma. It is an administration system for Norwegian schools which will replace current fragmented administration systems. The product was built to be cloud-based and scalable from the very beginning. The solution is deployed to AWS cloud, we scale microservices due to individual demands and we created custom scaling solution for our core functionality. We have a fully automated delivery pipeline and we do zero downtime deployments multiple times a day. Also, InSchool is designed customer first, so it requires a high focus on UX and wowing the customer. We have real-time customer analytics, log aggregation, we use AppDynamics. Our goal is to keep the system as simple and useful as possible, so we use it for feature justification and trend analysis. On top of that, we are adding machine learning to improve usability.

Want to learn more? You can find more information about the project HERE.

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