Are you a native .NET’er?

Well, here at Visma Lietuva we have opportunities for you! We’re a leading Nordic IT company, which employs more than 9000 people. In Lithuania we have over 350 IT engineers and we offer IT solutions to businesses of various sizes and industries using the latest technologies in the field. We believe that clean code is the only way to code! And code reviews are part of a strong development culture.

Visma Lietuva is all about competence, professional growth, and amazing colleagues. There’s no time for hierarchy, so we have a no-management culture and we get things done! ////  We work with many different projects built with .NET, so you can choose from a range of technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365, .NET core, Angular, Typescript, AWS, Aurora DB and many more, so learn more about the projects that are looking for strong backup!



  • We develop products that solve real problems. Whether it’s for a small business or a big enterprise. And you will be a part of that.

  • We constantly perfect our technological competence and so will you. Last year more than 200 of us attended various conferences & meetups. Close to 50 of us had external trainings, learned new skills and earned valuable certificates. We also have our own library and (anyone can) order new books quarterly.

  • We have internal knowledge sharing sessions where we learn the newest trends in programming languages, QA, (security), etc. This year, we gathered more than 180 times to share what we know best with each other.

  • We love our code clean. To keep it that way we review each other's code on a regular basis. You will also be able to get a peer programming session if needed.

  • We, the employees at Visma Lietuva, make the final call. And you’ll be able to join 1 of 9 committees which steer the company. 

  • All of our couches are technical people, so they truly understand the in’s and out’s of the service you’ll be building.

  • You’ll be working with the field’s top notch specialists. Visma consists of more than 75% of senior specialists who will guide you through the software development process. 

  • We work in Agile teams and believe in “People before processes and tools”.

  • Work aside, we also care about your health, that’s why we will provide you with a

comprehensive health insurance. 

  • Of course, things like flexible working hours, a parking slot, team buildings, pizza Fridays, hobby corners, res t rooms, even a sauna and lots of other geeky amazing stuff - yours for the taking.

  • Salary 

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