We are hiring Quality Assurance Engineer (Katalon/Selenium)

We, at Visma Roxit, create SaaS solutions with an extensive range of functionalities in the environmental domain. Roxit products within licensing, supervision and enforcement packages are used in hundreds of organizations in the Netherlands. Users are able to handle reports and objections, register complaints, plan and carry out supervision, and keep data of environmental establishments. 

Our users continuously exchange task-specific and generic application data and we are here to contribute to their efficiency and productivity. We develop our software products in such a way that our customers can combine the data with each other so that they immediately receive useful cross-domain information. It then becomes possible to get an overview of all the consequences, so that more conscious decisions could be made. We call this vision “Impact Automation”.

We are now looking for a quality assurance specialist who will be working with a web application with integrations to other systems. We need someone who is able to have a good overview of all systems in one entirety.

Technology stack: C#, Selenium, Postman, Katalon, ReadyAPI.

Looks like something you might be interested in?