We are hiring Quality Assurance Engineer

Watts is all about startup thinking, startup planning, and delivery. We own Watts and we would like you to do the same. Are you on the same page and would like to help us create a high-performance well-designed mobile app that helps thousands of people reduce their CO2 emissions and save/distribute electricity across the whole region? 

Watts is the first “virtual” electricity provider, supplying customers with intellectual benefits rather than just adjusting the pricing. Long story short because of its type and technology stack, Watts is the first app that allows consumers to actively track and react to the electricity and other utilities consumption changes.

We are now searching for a skilled quality assurance specialist. Do you know how to do end-to-end testing in the asynchronous Microservices world? Are you thinking about such testing on a daily basis? Would you be able to reproduce when our back-end services scale from 1 replica to let’s say 30? We bet you do!

Looks like something you might be interested in?