We are hiring Technical Web Analyst


We are looking for someone who knows that Web Analytics is more than nice graphs and reporting on Google Analytics. You understand the value of the data that are collected and what potential lies in it. 

Visma has been working relentlessly for the last couple of years with our data collection, making sure it is of high quality and optimized for consolidation. All web data are imported into Google BigQuery and available for use across Visma. 

Google is our weapon of choice and we are relying heavily on the Google Marketing Platform. In our organization, we currently have over 50 accounts that generate several 100 million hits each month. One of these is Visma's main account which you will be managing. 

In Visma we have initiated the migration to GA4 which will be our main focus for next year. We need you to be our steady hand in this project making sure we get a product that we together are proud of.

You will be part of a team of web editors, analysts, and developers on the Visma Group level. In addition, you will have users (stakeholders) or potential users of the data collected across 12 countries. We also have a tight connection with our Google partner to assist us with the road ahead.

The focus on data in Visma is huge, and there are always several projects going on across our organization, from insight projects to AI/ML projects, using everything from product usage data to web data. The data area is only going to be further strengthened going forward.

Technology stack: Tag management solutions.

Looks like something you might be interested in?