A challenging mobile app project turned into success

Back in 2011, an ambitious Danish mobile project was all in red figures: the budget was fully spent, the deadline was approaching and the project was far from what customer desired. New bleeding edge technology and challenging UI / UX goals were blamed for delays. The flow of implementation and progress of the project were dissapointing and the project itself was heavily jeopardized.

Then Vilnius developers took over...

After prject manager approached Visma Lietuva developers, they took up on a challenge. With very little guidance and very limited deadlines, our senior developers rewrote entire application and shipped it to the production at 1/4th of the original budget. Result: happy customer, good user feedback and ratings and succesfull business growth in Denmark.

How it went...

Visma Lietuva had quickly assembled the team of Android developers, took over the project architecture and implementation, and delivered product from start to finish.

The technologies were Android 2.2+ (which was a novelty back in 2011), tested and supported across all major devices of that time.