Takeover of an old product’s maintenance

An IT project of a large Swedish enterprise was maintained by a local 3rd party supplier – a team of 7 full-time engineers in total. The supplier had been steadily increasing the hourly rates, however was failing toensure sufficient stability of the product. The technology was nearing a very unhappy ending and the customer afced the challenge of finding software engineers in the Swedish market to continue the maintenance.

So they went the other way...

Product owners decided to transfer application maintenance and operations over to Visma Lietuva in Vilnius and received very ast results.

In just several weeks Visma Lietuva investigated the product, took over the architecture and domain knowledge, and set up a team of 3 software developers and 1 QA. It turned out that this team was fully capable in taking over both the 2nd and the 3rd line support. The team showed a great deal of enthusiasm, and within 6 months Visma Lietuva specialists were able to stabilize the product
and start adding new features to it.


The result...

Customers surely appreciated improvements in quality and responsiveness and are stll effectively working with Visma Lietuva team. Currently the product is maintained here, gradually
transferred into modern technologies.