Automation SPCS



visma The project is cool because of:

  • ...numerous integrations: on-Premise and On-Demand solution information, general ledger information, Google analytics, text documents.


  • ...strategic role: complex key performance indicators, reports, results from data mining are provided for business users, decisions are based taken all this information we provide.


  • ...(almost) no ad-hoc tasks: users have access to a user interface where they can do complicated queries without knowing data structure. They can get information instantly exactly when they need it, not depending on us.


  • ...different approach on Datawarehousing: because of complexity of measures and information we have to provide, we use Data Vault as persistent staging area. We capture only information which have changed with as little impact on loading time as possible. In addition, it makes whole process agile.



Technologies we use: MS SQL Server (SSIS, SSAS), Tableau, Python.


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