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Visma Services is external and modern department of customer’s company's accounts, both in daily life and in extra busy periods. The product we built  is a web based financial portal for any company that outsources their payroll, and/or accounting processes to Visma.
While Visma Services consultants take care of customer’s administration, the clients will always have access to everything they need via the web. The product allows, for example, download reports and payslips, report time, manage supplier invoices, billing and get in contact directly with Visma consultants.

  The product os cool because of:

  • ...its domain compexity and cloud based applications which are trying to solve different domain problems. We found different ways to authenticate through identity provider. Time reporting & HR application has to support different time reporting rules and legal systems of Scandinavian countries. We made user data provisioning to different types of Visma applications easy and smooth as well as global data synchronization across all our applications.

  • ...its architecture. The product consists of separate applications which serves different purposes. Most of them are single page applications written with AngularJs in the frontend and REST APIs in the backend. Our backend is powered by PHP and its Zend Framework. We use Composer for packages management and Doctrine for DB abstraction layer and objects mapping.

  • ...its frontend quality. Most of the applications are built as single page applications with AnuglarJs. We use Gulp to build front end part and Bower to manage dependencies, utilize JsHint and JSCS checker to assure code quality and tests are written with Jasmine. Our UI is formed by using and expanding Visma custom Bootstrap 3 template.
  • ...its overall code quality. Tools like PHPSniffer, PHP Mess Detector, JsLint helps us to assure overall good code quality. Also nothing gets merged into repository unless other colleagues approve it by doing code review.
We try to cover as much as possible with unit tests with PHPUnit in the    backend and Jasmine in the front end. We also utilize Behat and Codeception for functional and acceptance tests.
  • ...its technological platform. We use Nginx load balancing, Linux + apache + PHP + MySQL (LAMP), TeamCity as CI server, Gerrit for code reviews. 

  • ...its cool integrations. We use RabbitMQ for syncing data with external applications. There are lots of Single Sign On integrations to other Visma applications. Not all of them support standard way to do that (SAML, oauth) so we have to be creative in order to assure good user experience.

  • ...its strategic role. Product has significant role in BPO division as it should be used to access all available services.


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