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Lithuanian and Norwegian engineers jointly developing one of the largest Norway's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution for health-care sector including nursing, rehabilitation and care services in municipalities. Solution streamlines work in the nursing and care sector and improves quality of information processing.

visma The product is cool because of:

  • its popularity: the first solution installation was for Narvik municipality in 1996 years. During this twenty years system popularity was growing fast. Today Profil has 215 customers and about 70 000 users and the numbers are still growing.
  • … its relevance for users:  system is built up with multiple modules so functionality covers the needs for various professional groups: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, therapists and more. Solution provides good support for work routines such as processing, billing, resource management, labor planning and communication.
  • … its platform variability: Profil is delivered in desktop (PowerBuilder), web (ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript) and mobile (Cordova, HTML5) applications so it’s available on computers, smartphones and tablets. This means that customers are free to choose devices so information is always available, regardless of time and place.


  • … its smart architecture: Profil has stack of client/server type applications (desktop, web, mobile) integrated through shared database, web services, embedded web browser controls. Code is organized using layers, following object-oriented design paradigm and business logic implemented using Domain Driven Design.
  •  … its number of integrations: solution is well integrated and consists of modern functionalities that interact and exchange information both internally and with 3rd party care tech devices like automatic pill box dispensers, electronic door locks, caring and monitoring sensors and much more.


"To sum up: We built comprehensive, large and successful health-care solution based on openness, ease of use and availability by using wide range of modern technologies and platforms" 



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