Pension Broker

visma The project is cool because of:

  • its relevance for industry: Pension Broker is main digital brokerage tool in large Danmark pension industry. We have connected 60+ broker companies, 1500+ brokers as users, all major pension companies. Pension Broker is a must have tool for majority of brokers in Denmark. For this reason,  we have to ensure high product quality and availability.


  • … its platform variability: Pension Broker available as Windows application (WPF) and as Web application (ASP.NET MVC, Angular)

  • … its smart architecture: Pension Broker is client/server type solution integrated through shared database. Both client and server have modular code organization. The server is modular, well-organized service-oriented solution.


  • … its code base quality: we cover functionality using unit, integration and UI tests. We do code reviews. We use code analysis tools (like Coverity). We care about code quality by preserving coding style, using mature coding principles, regularly maintaining and improving the code.


  • … its technology stack: because we need to ensure high functional, code and security level we strive to use new technologies (tools and frameworks) and do upgrades.



Technologies we use: .NET Core, WCF, WPF, MVC, WebAPI, MS SQL Server, NHibernate, EF, Angular, TypeScript.


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