visma The project is cool because of:

  • … we are doing development of next generation retail software in conjunction with leading retail chains in Scandinavia.


  • ...the solution has been designed with an open architecture adapted to the new requirements for a modern retail data solution. Built on modern technology with a focus on innovation. We are using .net 4.6/core, Angular JS, JasperSoft, Redis, Elastic, sqlserver.

  • is modular: the needs of the retail chain determine which modules to apply and can be scaled up for rapid adaptation to new conditions and needs.


  • ...supports future mobility needs: use devices that suit you and the situation you are in, mobile devices, stationary clients or online.


  • extremely flexible: as the unique user with your own access rights, you are always the one in control of which information and which functions you have access to, wherever you are. We are creating standard solution with opportunity for customization through configuration.


  • ...integration with other systems is becoming increasingly important so standard integration framework was developed. Many different protocols are supported: xml, json, rest, csv.



Technologies we use: .NET 4.6/Core, Angular JS, JasperSoft, Redis, Elastic, SQLserver, Docker/Kubernetes.


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