Simoona is a modern SaaS product developed by Visma Lietuva engineers. It is a new age social organization engagement tool that leads  towards designing a more motivating environment, high-performing teams and general employee engagement in company culture.

 The produt is cool because of: 

  • is company wide open sourced. That means every developer can code his desirable feature and touch to the newest technologies in market. From business perspective we are stepping into new and interesting domains like recognition, company culture, motivation and engagement. Simoona helped us a lot to be what we are now and we want to share this goodness with others.

  •’s modern architecture: Backend API with 3-tier architecture and Sql Server database, Angular.Js application. Everything runs in Azure cloud as App Service.

  •’s frontend, which is an Independent Angular.JS single page application.

  •’s overall code quality, which is supported  by unit (NUnit, Jasmine) and UI (selenium) tests also SonarQube analysis tool.



  •’s technological platform, that is implemented with NET API, Angular.js single page application and Microsoft Azure infrastructure

  •’s few cool integrations: a vacation bot for example. It allows employees to book vacation with one single click.

    The product doesn’t encounter very high loads yet (around 500 daily visits) but it’s strategic role is important, as it is evolving into unique SaaS product, that helps to tackle such qualitative indicators as engagement, social activity and achievements.

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