visma The project is cool because of:

  • …its establishment: solution is up in production since early ‘00s. It’s the most popular online public procurement system in Sweden and Norway, currently creating around 100 new procurements and accepting over 300 new tenders daily.

  • …its environment-friendliness: public procurements tend to have long documentations. With our solution it is possible to have a fully functional procurement from start to finish in digital data. No more printing hundreds of pages, sending tender letters and storing all information in big cabinets.


  • …its family of subprojects: we have a lot of subprojects developed by separate teams. We collaborate a lot, we talk and we change places, to learn more about the whole system.


  • …its high-availability requirements: it’s an always-on solution. Every system update is handled so that it won’t interrupt customers work online, even the smallest disruption is taken seriously, so we constantly learn and improve.



Technologies we use: .NET, MSSQL, Amazon Web Services, Angular, RabbitMQ, RavenDB.


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