visma The project is cool because of:

  • … its architecture: vCatch system consists of two major components: the software to be installed on the vessel called the vessel client, and software to be installed at the Fishery Monitoring Center called the vCatch server. Communication between components is ensured either via satellite or internet connection.


  • … its technology stack: Built on newest versions of popular frameworks, e.g. Spring (MVC, Data, Boot, Security), Hibernate, Apache Camel, etc., the solution uses best practices in software development.

  • … its variety of integrations: vCatch integrates with other Fishery Monitoring Centers via different protocols (CREWS, ERS, P-1000) as well as the customers’ internal back-end systems.


  • … its communication means: Logbook data is transmitted from the vessel client to the server using either satellite or internet connection. When using satellite connection (Inmarsat-C, CLS) vCatch data compression ratio of 90%, significantly reduces the transmission cost.


  • … attention to code quality: With the help of GitLab every piece of code is carefully reviewed by other developers before being merged to a Git repository. Also, a static code analysis is running every time a code is pushed to the repository.



Technologies we use: Java, Spring (Boot, MVC, Data, Security), Hibernate, JMS, Oracle Database 11g, Apache Camel, JUnit, JFace/SWT


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