visma The project is cool because of:

  • ...it's super easy to set up and start sales in hours: our mission is to extend and improve POS functionality and keep good user experience and app simplicity. Even your grandmother could use our app after 5 minutes training.

  • ...its technological platform: in order to ensure great performance during high loads, we use AWS infrastructure - lots of docker containers, load balancing, Aurora relational databases and many other services to have fast and stable system.


  • ...its architecture: iPad app is written in Swift and Objective C. It's storing data to backend, which is powered by PHP and MySQL and splitted to microservices. AngularJS is taking care of our back office application.


  • ... its wide peripherals support: different types of terminals, printers, cash drawers and scanners.


  • ...it supports many of payment types: cash, card, MobilePay, Gift Card, Voucher, Vipps etc.



Technologies we use: Objective C, Swift, PHP, MySQL, Angular, Docker.


Wallmob team is looking for Senior iOS developer to join them. Requirements can be found HERE.

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