visma The project is cool because of:

  • ...of its development team and responsibilities. Team has power to choose the technology stack and tools they see most suitable. The development has started in 2017 and this allows to shape project by adapting latest and coolest technologies as needed.


  • ...its modern architecture. Team strives to use as much of AWS stack as needed to create cutting edge cloud solution.

  • ...its frontend which is developed and deployed independently using Angular.


  • …its UX. End-users’ age range from 21 to 55+ making it harder to meet everyone's needs when it comes to UX. However, Team creates user-centered application, doing iterative usability tests and change application along the way.


  • …its development is driven by SCRUM process. Team fully embraces the benefits of Agile Scrum development. We have daily standups, groomings, plannings, retrospectives.


  • ...its potential for many customers. There are 426 municipalities and close to 6000 kindergartens in Norway. As we are already signing contracts we are estimating that we will have to support huge amount of requests and high loads.



Technologies we use:  .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Angular, Amazon Web Services, Aurora DB.



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