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visma The project is cool because of:

  • …its relevance: the app is being built closely working with UX engineers to help an employee to come about their work-related tasks with ease. Need a vacation? Feeling sick? Ate a burger on your work-trip? You’re just few taps away. For the best insight, we track how our users use the app. For example how long does the user spend on each screen, which actions do our users use the most and so forth. All of the data is analyzed using Google’s BigQuery and the insights are brought to Data Studio.

  • …its modernity: started as a hybrid solution now the app is developed using native programming languages like Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS). This allows us to apply latest and best trends that market has to offer including Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design.

  • …its diversity: the app is powered by our REST API using latest and greatest .NET technologies. We are integrating with top products like Payslip, Expense, Absence, Cost Request. And this is just the beginning - the plan is to allow the user to track and manage every work-related thing without the need to sit at the desk.



  • …its architecture: the app’s backend API is powered by an ASP.NET application and is being served via Amazon Web Services with a high-availability and flexibility in mind (cloudformation, hot deploy, auto-scaling etc.).

  • …its robustness: forget the mundane tasks when it comes to deploying an application for testing and/or to Play Store or App Store. We have it automated to a level where it’s just a button away from being automatically built, signed and released. And this is not only the apps, the backend delivery pipelines have all the flashy stuff as well.

  • …its quality: the code delivered be it the API or the native app, is covered. We write unit, integration, performance, acceptance and UI tests. If that’s not enough we run smart static code-analysis tools against our code. When deployed our services and applications are constantly monitored by AppDynamics, Firebase and Crashlytics.


Technologies we use: .NET, Kotlin, Swift, AWS Stack, Serverless, TDD, BigQuery, Material Design.




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