Visma Online

visma The project is cool because of:

  • … its popularity: first release was September, 2006 - until today it grew to five markets (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands). It joins 30 different services, serving 300 000 registered customers, 450 000 user accounts with around 120 000 logins during a working day.


  • … its variability and stability: Visma Online itself is long-living project, which gives stability and income. However, it doesn't mean it's too old school, since there are many side-projects and we are also modernizing Visma Online itself (like migrating it to Azure cloud environment). So there is always a field for R&D and introducing new things - as cloud-oriented technologies (Azure, Service Fabric), .NET Core or modern front-end frameworks like Angular SPA, developed using TypeScript.

  • … its strategic role: Visma Online is a vital part of other important Visma's product like eAccounting, Advisor, Visma Webshop and others. If these products are going good - Visma Online is also going well.


  • ...its overall code quality: we share and maintain coding/naming conventions using ReSharper. In addition to it other more specialized static analysis tools are used - like SonarQube and Coverity. There is what to improve, but we always develop with tests coverage in mind - tests are written using xUnit/NUnit, then executed on every commit within TeamCity build.


  • …its emphasis on automation: 10 years ago it wasn't so popular, but now it's one of our main goals - to automate everything into one continuous delivery pipeline. Push changes, build and execute unit tests, deploy to stage environment, execute automation tests, promote to production environment, check if everything works, generate release notes with latest changes - and everything is just with 2-3 clicks (with help from TeamCity and Octopus Deploy).



Technologies we use:  .NET/ASP.NET, .NET Core, C#, MS SQL, AngularJS and Angular, TypeScript, webpack, Microsoft Azure, Service Fabric, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy.


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