We are hiring iOS developer for Watts

Ok, we bake donuts. At least we like to eat them! We can write whatever we want here. That usually happens when the development team tries to write the job ads ignoring the HR :)

So do you care much about green energy or at least dream of buying a Tesla to save our planet and reduce CO2 emissions? To be honest the team is still asking for a Tesla cause we have to test our smart charging solution :)

If so, we have an offer for you…

You know, we were almost ready to start describing the project here, but then we thought, does anyone read them? Are you still here? What if we simply ask you to come and visit us and ask all the questions you have? 

For the sake of clarity, we still would like to enlist several areas we are working on a daily basis.

- We are doing a mobile app. Specifically - a smart energy assistant… hopefully that changes a lot. This app - we call it Watts - helps people to save our planet - reduce Co2 emissions, save the budget and use green sources of energy.

- We are also doing a lot of IoT. We have our custom-made hardware, which talks with the app (directly/indirectly).

- Also, we are doing our own electrical chargers (you can use it to charge Tesla) and you can use Watts app to manage it. A lot of ML (machine learning) to predict your behaviour and also show your habits inside the app.

We have “startupish” soul and we really like what we are doing.

For now, we are looking for one more passionate iOS developer, who will be part of our mobile team.

- We use Swift, so we expect you to be really good in this area.

- We use quite extensively reactive programming, so some experience in that area will be really beneficial.

- And last but not least, we expect you to like creating things. Really much.

We also think that if you understand what we wrote here you are good in English. Both verbal and written :)

Looks like something you might be interested in?