visma The product is cool because of:

  • its popularity exceeded all expectations and it became a product of the year 2013 in Visma by user reviews. Today it has more than 400 000 unique users and the numbers are growing fast.
  • … its high-availability requirements: SLA is 99.8% annual availability. Even the smallest disruption is taken seriously, so we constantly learn and improve.
  • … its domain complexity: currently we cover national regulations of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, but the system is already flexible enough to enter any new market. Pilot release to the new market took only 3 days - as easy as adding a new set of rules and regulations.
  • … its number of integrations, covering several dozen of different On-Premise and On-Demand solutions. Our product is integrated with mobile apps, large Nordic banks (i.e. SEB, Danske and others), mileage tracking systems (i.e. Abax and others) and multiple other services. We’re working on using Google Maps API and integrations with many 3rd party business support systems. The architecture must stay clean, flexible and maintainable at all times.


  • … its modern frameworks, tools and patterns: the solution is split into Microservices and deployed to the Amazon AWS. Deployments are fully automatic after each code merge to the master branch - thanks to Jenkins and Chef. These tools allow us to have a Deployment Pipeline and move towards full Continuous Delivery.

  •  … its high-level quality: in order to ensure high standards, each code line is reviewed by at least two developers after passing Sonarqube static code analysis. A huge set of automated tests (JUnit, Jasmine, Cucumber, Selenium and JMeter) ensure that new functionality is added without breaking the existing one and that each new line of code satisfies user requirements. Monitoring tools such as AppDynamics and others help tracking application in production, and allow react on problems even before users notice any bug. Most features are feature-toggled and can be instantly turned off when malfunctioning in production (thank you Togglz!).


Technologies we use: Java, Spring, Jersey, JMS, Quartz, TypeScript, AngularJS, MariaDB, Amazon Web Services.

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