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visma The project is cool because of:

  • ...its well-designed architecture: a single application is designed to be used for multiple Visma products - these criteria challenges developers to create well designed reusable codebase.


  • …its code quality: a Typescript code is checked against strict project defined tslint rules and well (unit)-tested using Jasmine & Karma.

  • …gets users involved: From time to time product is user-tested with real product users to collect feedback and address UX issues in future versions.


  • … is using well adopted & designed frameworks and tools: Application is build using well known open-source frameworks Ionic, Angular, Cordova. Jenkins for continuous integration.


  • … provides ability to improve: One work day per month is assigned for developer to choose desired skill / language to be learned.


  • … uses smart monitoring tools: Application performance and other important product-related metrics are being monitored using Fabric & Google Analytics services.



Technologies we use: Ionic: Cordova, Angular: TypeScript, RxJS (Reactive Programming). Jasmine & Karma (for Unit Testing), Jenkins (for CI).


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