Payroll Management

visma The product is cool because of:

  • … its domain complexity: we’ve managed to build a single universal system that calculates salaries for multiple countries, trade unions, company rules and regulations. We invented a custom functional DSL (VismaScript) for this, and now we don’t have to code any of these rules by hand - the business consultants are able to do that instead.


  • … its robustness under heavy workload: so far 19500 companies in micro market in Norway and Sweden, and 150 in SMB market in the Netherlands trust our product to calculate their payroll correctly, always. In the future we will also launch the product in Denmark and Finland and probably more countries.


  • … its smart architecture: a time machine which applies scripted rules (by country, organization, department, trade union) for any given moment in the past - for such things as calculations, reporting, integration services and much more.


  • … its frontend quality: a Typescript code unit-tested with Jasmine ran by Chutzpah managed by Teamcity. The frontend MVVM is Knockout.js.


  • … its overall code quality: .NET and front-end together have 65% test coverage from unit tests. In addition, there’s a huge suite of Selenium and RestSharp integration tests.…


  • its strategic role: our product is a vital part of a whole suite of Visma’s enterprise SaaS products. Visma SaaS products like Expense, Absence, E-Accounting, Autopay and others work in orchestration with Payroll Management. 


Technologies we use: .NET, WebApi, Dapper, TypeScript, Knockout, Amazon Web Services, Aurora DB. Payroll Management team is looking for .NET developer to join them. Requirements can be found HERE.

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