Visma Flyt PPT

visma The project is cool because of:

  •'s a cloud solution. Although a private cloud - it's still a cloud. It's easy to monitor, maintain, secure and scale the app.

  • uses continuous delivery. Deploying to production couple times a day is usual for us. No big releases, system tests or patches.

  •'s being split into microservices. With app growing quickly came the need to split it up to make it faster to deploy and easier to maintain. Currently we're in process of splitting first pieces of functionality into microservices. It's both challenging and exciting.


  • has good automatic test coverage. We use NUnit, Specflow and Selenium to make sure our solution works and to deploy to production quickly and safely.


  •'s built by the dedicated team. We do code reviews and pair program to make sure our code is good.



Technologies we use: AngularJS 1.5, TypeScript, .NET 4.6, MariaDB, Dapper


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