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visma The project is cool because of:

  • ...its overall code quality, which is constantly updated to the latest programming language best practices or/and syntax and supported by Unit and UI tests (both for iOS & Android).


  •’s a mobile app written in native iOS & Android code which enables us to provide the latest operating system features to our users.

  •’s connected to eight integrations and each of them has some unique features represented in code and UI.


  • has quite a few unique features such as Smart Scan which interprets Receipts and Invoices and fills UI fields automatically so that user wouldn’t have to type all the information manually.


  •’s the most popular mobile app in Visma corporation by monthly active users. Currently active users number exceeds 70 000 and growing rapidly.



Technologies we use: Swift, Java, REST API, Jenkins, Hockey App, Test-Flight, JIRA, Fabric, C#, Azure, Web API, Unity, NUnit.


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