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visma The project is cool because of:

  • … its popularity and high loads: more than 20 000 organizations from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Netherlands use it 24/7/365, and that means about 1 million users each month.

  • … its technological platform: in order to cope with those high loads, we need to use Azure. And that is great! We use Azure’s hosting, database, storage, services bus, insights, caching and many other services. Which is a bliss for any real SaaS development in .NET.

  • … its relevance for users, and its ease of use: both e-shop and cms are web-based WYSIWYG, and tens thousands of users just love using it.



  • … its code quality which is covered by MSTest in combination with NSubstitute.

  • … its integrations with payment providers (like Paypal, Payson, Nets), various business systems and even Instagram.

  • … its high-availability architecture with separate instances for webnodes, background workers, and web API. Yes, we do Zero Downtime Deployments (with a help from Octopus, of course).


Technologies we use: .NET, C#, Azure, EF, MS SQL SERVER, jQuery.

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